Our Vision & Mission

We believe government can work for the people, by the people, in the digital age. We’re a volunteer-driven organization that utilizes the tools and practices of the digital age to solve problems through advocacy, education, and projects.

We build solutions to real problems

Our volunteer army, Open Charlotte Brigade, creates solutions that address challenges relevant to our communities. We build real solutions by collaborating with the people they're for, ensuring that we're not designing the wrong systems or complicating things further. We also recognize that many problems can be resolved without code and we provide the space and connections for people of all skill sets and backgrounds to get involved.

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We advocate for open data

We believe public resources including data should be open, accessible, and friendly to all residents. That means not only should residents have access to public records, but those records should be available in a way that’s easy to request, receive, read, and utilize.

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We educate our community

Civic Engagement begins with education. Through our events we introduce residents to resources within our city from open data to ways they can communicate and engage with government.

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Let's show what's possible

We meet frequently in-person to help teams collaborate, discuss our goals, and welcome new volunteers. Together we can show what's possible by building solutions that inspire change and make positive impacts on our city!

We expect all event attendees to adhere to Open Charlotte's Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.

Our Leadership Team & Structure

Open Charlotte Brigade is a volunteer-driven organization and we invite anyone to help us grow the civic tech movement or help steer our efforts in doing so. Our core leadership team is made up of volunteers who are the most familiar and engaged in driving individual areas of our brigade.

Jill Bjers

Jill Bjers

Director / Brigade Captain

Andrew Natoli

Andrew Natoli

Brigade Co-Captain

Kazi Smith

Kazi Smith

Marketing Lead

Jim Van Fleet

Jim Van Fleet

Senior Advisor

Ryan Edge

Technology Lead

Dawn Peterson

Communications Lead

The best way to get involved in brigade leadership is by attending one of our leadership meetings which are generally held during the second half of our community nights. You can view the notes from past leadership meetings for 2019 here.